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It’s Oktoberfest!

September 23, 2011

Hey, Adegans!

Stick with us — in the next few weeks, we’ll be moving towards updating this page far more regularly. For today’s post, let’s discuss Oktoberfest.

I know our stationery says “wine cellars”, but we also sell great beer, too!

This week, we’ve got Spaten Oktoberfest in the six packs. Spaten is (very arguably) the world’s oldest continuously-operating brewery.  I remember my trip to Munich, and being able to tour the Spaten brewery. It’s a class act, and despite the volume, there’s still an attention to detail that’s unrivaled by many of the worlds’ bigger breweries.

The Oktoberfest is a Marzen. In Germany, a Marzen is a specific style of lagering, which produces Helles (think Spaten Premium and Lowenbrau) and Dunkel, and everything in between. The Oktoberfest Marzen is a beer style developed for the celebration of Oktoberfest itself. It’s based on a malty, yet bold understanding of the lagering process, but still with a depth and firmness not found in other German lagers — this means, for those of you who love Yuengling and Sam Adams, you’ll want to give this one a try!

It’s just $8.99 while supplies last, and truly is a great beer with which to welcome in the Fall.

Check back with us soon, as we introduce more of our wines, beer, employees and specials. Make sure to join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter (@AdegaWine)!
We’ll see you soon, Silver Spring!

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